Our Purpose
To Serve God
By Serving the African American Community
To the Betterment of America

My Purse Lady LLC, MPL Creations, MPL Distributors LLC, Napier’s Virtual Administration LLC
Coming Soon Under ‘The Napier’s Empire for Empowerment of Black Lives!’


  1. The Empowerment / Uplifting / Improvement / of the African American Community.
  2. To battle / END Child Pornography starting with the ‘Tell It Program‘.
  3. To battle prostitution by providing a alternative lucrative income through entrepreneurship training.
  4. To battle unemployment, incarceration, recidivism, poverty, and the lack of entrepreneurs in African American Lives through business, business training, the continual development of Black Entrepreneur and job creation.


We, African Americans, lead the nation in Poverty, Unemployment, Incarceration, Recidivism and having the least number of Entrepreneurs in America.

The solution.  Create jobs through business.  Fund / open/ start schools in African American communities with a focus on business, business ownership, and entrepreneurship; teach the process.  Also, re-opening the recreational center with After School Programs, Athletic Programs, Tutoring Programs and Life Programs (i.e., personal finance, self/anger-behavior management). In addition, opening hospitals that are not funded by giant pharmaceutical companies, incorporating the current medical practices with alternative medicines.  And continual healing of the body, mind and spirit because they work together to heal the body. Teach healthy lifestyle choices with cooking class activities, grocery shopping and meal planning.

Child Pornography

The battle against child pornography a $20 Billion Dollar industry; IN AMERICA. Children are being raped, murder, and all types of evil perpetrated on our most innocence.

One Solution: the ‘TELL IT PROGRAM’.

A program depositing disposable cellular phones with GPS tracking.  Partner with local merchants, groceries stores and retail business across Detroit, MI, then America and then the world.  People that are being traffic, molested, abused, etc… can get these phones and call for help.  Once the phone is activated a team will respond; even if the person cannot talk a team will respond.  Also, a huge continual campaign with billboards, flyers, the new media, radio, social media, and other public outlets a help phone number.  The goal is to make it nearly impossible to traffic / hold / hurt / kidnap / any person against his/her will, in any community, and that person cannot get immediate help. There will need to be at least one response team in every major city; authorize by legislation.

The Exploitation of Women

  • Prostitution is a $20 Billion Dollar legal industry.
  • Exotic Dancer: Driving Lyft I hear young women becoming strippers because the money is great.  I also hear young women expressing how much more they make in the back room doing “extras”.  I pick up young women STILL intoxicated in AM hour attempting to forget that backroom and focus on the fact they can feed their children.  These same women feeling bad about themselves because the customer was married, or a minister.  I tell them you are not at fault.  You are not the one who made the oath with God, a woman, and the community.  You are a queen.

The Solution: An Alternative Lucrative Income

A huge campaign teaching business and entrepreneurship to African American women.    Having immediate success: the programs walks each woman through the process of becoming an entrepreneur.  Each woman will have an established prospering business at the end of the 5-year program.  We will teach business planning, marketing (Who is your market? What does your market needs?), financial planning (How will you fund your business?), product or service planning (What is your product? Is there a market for your product? How to source products or what is your service? How will you perform the service? How will you build your team?)

Lupus Legislation

Lupus is a debilitating ailment and a killer.  It can attack any organ often the kidneys; fog the mind; create inflammation leaving its’ victims in unimaginable pain and can kill the body; yet its victims are not considered disable or at minimal temporarily disable.  It rare for a Lupus patient not to suffer recurring flare-ups throughout life.

For every day, a person in under attack that person needs 3 days of recovery; YET LUPUS IS NOT ON THE DISABILITY LIST.  It is true these patients can get better, but it can take YEARS and they need time to heal.


Contract lobbyist to petition Senators and Legislators, as process of our awesome governmental system, to affect the laws regarding Lupus patients as such:

A definite Lupus diagnosis (i.e., bloodwork, biopsy) all patients are immediately eligible for part A, B, C Medicare.  Medical staff, insurance companies etch cannot by any means interfere with a person right to proper diagnosis. A patient may request the test.  All patients able to return to work may, by law, have the option to keep Medicare and have employers send said employee’s insurance payments to Medicare.  Medicare payments will always be equal or lower than the employer’s insurance.  Said employees are eligible to cover their families under the employer’s insurance as standard practices.  All patients are eligible for Medicare part D base on income as current policy states.  No patient can be denied prescription coverage even if they cannot pay at the time.   All Lupus patients are immediately eligible for Medicare cash payments, for as many years (or permanent) as the recovery formula and medical professional deem necessary for patient’s recovery. Once that period ends the patients can request extension.

This means projects / programs will need funding to gather necessary statics.

501(c)3: The Sgt. Wesley J. Griffin Sr. & LK Napier Foundation

This foundation will take care of the medically dislocated worker.  Those in the African American community that have lost their income due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. illness, accident, illness of a child etches).  The goal is to help families maintain a standard of living while circumstance are outside their control.  If we help African Americans stay in their homes with daily living requirements it will battle homelessness, and poverty.   This is a proactive direct attack against homelessness.

As patients improve they can be trained for new positions, return to former type employment or preferably become entrepreneurs and pay-it-forward.